Laurus issues industry research paper

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TORONTO, May 26, 2020 – Laurus Investment Counsel Inc. (“Laurus” or the “Firm”) is pleased to announce it has issued a research paper in celebration of its sixth anniversary.

“Almost all market sell-offs are followed by big bounces, and this one has been no different. Yet, the speed and severity of the initial market correction has produced a wonderful opportunity in mispriced small-cap stocks. Our white paper explores this phenomenon and how it can be exploited to add alpha,” said Linda Lebrun, Chief Investment Officer.

“The current supply and demand shock to worldwide businesses will force a nimble and dynamic response to ensure resilience in a challenging economic environment. This will underscore the ability of financially-sound, smaller businesses to pivot and gain position in their respective markets.”

About Laurus Investment Counsel
Founded in 2014, Laurus Investment Counsel is a leading Canadian independent asset management firm, providing portfolio management expertise in high-quality, wealth-creating public equities globally. With over CAD $700 million assets under management at the end of 2019, the Firm delivers distinctive investment management capabilities in global small and mid-cap equity investments with a focus on providing long term sustainable growth to discerning fiduciaries in the institutional and foundation markets in Canada.