Canadian Small Cap Strategy

Canadian Investors


The strategy seeks long term capital appreciation by investing in a concentrated group of Canadian-domiciled small/mid capitalization equities (market cap less than $3 Billion at purchase). The performance goal is to exceed the return of the S&P/TSX Small Cap Index over a market cycle.


Our three-step investment process is based on a disciplined bottom-up approach, focusing on things we can control regardless of the market outlook.

From our perspective, the first step it to understand whether the company is currently making money and whether it can generate strong returns looking forward.

Next, we do comprehensive due diligence to assess management, company, and industry quality. A financial model is developed alongside our proprietary ESG matrix. We are seeking business models with sustainable competitive advantages, regardless of industry or economic conditions run by experienced management teams with a record of being good stewards of capital.

Finally, we measure the company against current holdings to determine our level of conviction to optimize portfolio risk/reward.

Our subjective evaluation of management is a critical step in our process and has many times proven to be our most effective predictor of future stock performance. We believe differentiating between good management teams and those that are exceptional is critical to the success of a long-term investment.

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*This strategy is not available in the United States


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